About Alison Flynn Bobroski, LMHC

Alison Flynn Bobroski

Alison Flynn Bobroski is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University where she received her Bachelor’s in Communications. Alison is pursuing her Master’s degree from Walden University as a Licensed Professional Counselor. Alison completed her course work and is now on her practicum experience as a student intern at Helping Moon Counseling. Alison has made a career in the non-profit field and in Case Management as well as being a personal assistant and Office Manager. Alison has enjoyed working in detox settings and loves treating various addictions. Alison hopes to someday own her own practice and to specialize in treating various addictions and trauma.
Alison has been singing since age 4 and has performed all over the world. Alison is a songwriter and has spent a lot of the time in the studio as well as performing as a duo and lead singer in various bands and projects.

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