About Eileen Somerville, LMHC

Eileen Somerville

Hi my name is Eileen Somerville and I am a wife and mother of two boys. I am also a seasoned therapist who graduated from Florida International University in 2008, with a Master’s degree in Psychology. Since then, I have become a licensed mental health counselor who has worked for non profit behavioral health agencies, the juvenile detention system, and treatment centers. I specialize in co-occurring disorders involving mental health and substance abuse, and have spent the past seven years working in the field of recovery. I am passionate about working in the substance abuse industry because I believe it is a misunderstood population, with a lot of potential if only given hope and guidance. I love helping those struggling to discover their self worth and purpose. I also enjoy working with individuals who want more from their lives or simply need help in finding peace in their current situations. I consider my niche, couples/marriage and family therapy and believe that helping these is of utmost importance, because healthy relationships are instrumental in our ability to thrive and be fulfilled. In my practice I like to utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and am intrigued by how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors intertwine to make us who we are. As a clinician, I assist clients in being more self aware, in managing emotions, and learning how to cope with life issues. I also explore clients' life experiences and derive at patterns of behavior so that clients can then decide what they want out of their lives and journey moving forward. Another aspect I incorporate into my therapeutic process is spirituality when clients are open to it, as it often manifests a lot of power toward healing the individual. If I had to say what my primary goal is as a therapist, I would say that it is to always strive to have clients attain self love and self assurance, and to assist them in discovering their own truth so that they can embrace all aspects of who they are. I believe when clients discover that truth, they can begin using their voice and walk slowly into the best version of themselves. I know that my purpose is to help change the world one client at a time, even if ever so slightly. I am here to guide, motivate, challenge, and empower clients to become whatever they choose without judgment. My work is to facilitate positive changes and to illicit inner personal growth but ultimately I am not in control, the client is. I look forward to helping anyone I serve and consider it a blessing to be able to do so.


  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor, MH14144
  • Master Certified Addiction Professional, MCAP100009
  • Trained in EFFT (Level 1)
  • Master's Degree (M.S.) Mental Health Counseling
  • Bachelor's Degree (B.A.) Psychology


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