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Nicole Graham

Dr. Nicole Graham is a Florida Licensed Psychologist who has specific expertise in neuropsychological and forensic evaluation. Dr. Graham earned her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from John Jay College in New York City. She has worked with individuals spanning adolescence through late adulthood. She has held forensically related positions within city and state psychiatric facilities, mental health courts, and juvenile, state, and federal correctional institutions. Her neuropsychological training has encompassed positions in medical settings (e.g., epilepsy; oncology), rehabilitation centers, and with the National Football League Players’ Association (NFL-PA). In addition to providing psychological assessment services, Dr. Graham is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at John Jay College where she teaches specialized forensic psychology courses. Dr. Graham continues to publish in the area of forensic evaluation; and she contributes to a weekly neuropsychology didactic series aimed at the training of doctoral students.

Dr. Graham provides comprehensive neuropsychological and psychological evaluations for individuals seeking to better understand their mental health and cognitive functioning. These evaluations include the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders (e.g., ADHD; Intellectual Functioning) and neurocognitive disorders (e.g., deficits due to a traumatic brain injury or age-related decline); as well as the evaluation of mental health disorders and personality traits. Dr. Graham’s approach is all encompassing. In addition to working with the specific individual, Dr. Graham also speaks with others who know the client well, as well as review of medical and mental health records. Given that symptoms from many different disorders are often over-lapping, it is very important to have as much information as possible to better understand the origin of any problems. Likewise, Dr. Graham seeks to identify the strengths of all individuals to ensure effective treatment planning aimed at promoting the client to live their best life.

Dr. Graham has particular expertise in conducting Forensic Psychological Evaluations for criminal and civil matters. These evaluations include Competence to Stand Trial, Mental State at the Time of the Offense, Psychosexual Evaluations, and Violence Risk Assessments. In the Civil arena, Dr. Graham conducts Independent Medical Examinations, evaluations for Workman’s Compensation, and Guardianship.

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