About Samantha Jones, LMHC

Samantha Jones

I began counseling well before pursuing my Master’s Degree. I have always had a passion to help others to heal and to be a motivator. I have never grown exhausted from walking the journey with those who are open to support. Some of my best years were during my time in graduate school when I was able to strengthen my gift as a counselor through a professional education at Liberty University. I have now taken that knowledge and have been able to apply it to the various populations that I have worked with over the past 8 years. I have worked closely with families as well as couples to assist with conflict resolution and healthy communication. I have worked with individuals who have struggled with addiction, depressionanxiety, anger, suicidal ideation, and trauma.

I use a person-centered approach to counseling which allows my clients to receive insight from within. This is the best approach in my opinion for clients due to the fact that it allows one to use guided self-reflection to heal and to be able to use this tool when the counseling process is complete. Many of us have answers to life’s many complex issues but we are often unaware of how to trust and listen to our own insight. I work to strengthen my client’s internal connection in which will allow one to cope with issues now and in the future through introspection. I often use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as a tool to evaluate unhealthy thought processes and work to change my client’s perspectives in order to better manage feelings and behaviors. I also specilize working with trauma through my training with EMDR. Lastly, I am trained in Eating Disorders treatment. I believe It is important to know that there are no unrealistic expectations during the counseling process. The healing process will be one that will be handled with patience and I will always meet my clients where they are. It is my job to walk alongside clients during this process as a support and guide. This process has no time limit because healing is worth the investment.

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