About Sharon Roth

Sharon Roth is a graduate of Walden University where she completed her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As an undergraduate, Sharon earned a double major in Psychology and Fine Art from the University of Hawaii. Sharon uses her knowledge of art to explore creative ways to compliment her therapeutic approach to counseling.

Sharon recently worked for DCF as a first responder to calls of abuse or neglect. Before this, she was a case manager for a non-for-profit agency specializing in children removed from their homes for safety and placed in relative/non-relative care, foster homes, and group homes. Sharon has a passion for advocating for children and parents, navigating the child welfare system.

Sharon is a registered mental health counseling intern at Helping Moon Counseling and is directly supervised by the clinical director Nina Barela. Sharon cares about her clients deeply and believes in a client-centered approach. She actively listens to what is on the client’s mind to help them reach their goals in therapy. Sharon provides a holistic approach to counseling and believes that growth and change is within all of us, if the right environment is created and the right tools are provided. She enjoys working with individuals to facilitate transformative self-healing by using evidence-based theories and interventions. She has experience with Cognitive Behavior Therapy approaches as well as mindfulness and meditation practices.

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