About Sharon Roth

Sharon Roth is a graduate student intern at Walden University. Sharon completed all of her graduate coursework to become a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, including a practicum in play therapy. She mentored high school students in a multicultural setting during her undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii. There she earned a double major in Psychology and Fine Arts and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2012.

Sharon recently worked for DCF as a first responder to calls of abuse or neglect. Before this, she was a case manager for a non-for-profit agency specializing in children removed from their homes for safety and placed in relative/non-relative care, foster homes, and group homes. Sharon has a passion for advocating for children and parents, navigating the child welfare system.

Sharon’s counseling philosophy is to have compassionate acceptance of individuals by meeting them where they are while promoting growth. As an artist, Sharon is open to exploring creative concepts in counseling at the client’s request. Sharon tailors each counseling session to the client’s needs in a way that is solution-focused and trauma-informed.


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