Our minds are such powerful gifts. From it derives our ability to process information, create beautiful memories, have empathy for
After going through a traumatic experience, you might struggle with your mental health. But you may also notice that you’re
Chances are, you’ve felt anxious because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what if you’ve realized that your anxiety isn’t just
Perhaps you have always dealt with anxiety, but you had adopted a few strategies to manage your symptoms. However, the
January 9, 2020, the World Health Organization announces that COVID-19, a new virus is ravaging the world. February 5, 2020,
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, at least temporarily. And for many couples, the pandemic has meant living in
Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has led to stress and burnout for countless people. But healthcare workers have been uniquely
If you’re struggling with PTSD, you might be curious about EMDR therapy. EMDR therapy stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and
This term has been so popularized by bloggers, social media, and mental health professionals that we seldom pause to analyze
During these strange, difficult times of the Corona Virus, it is easy to become panicked and out of balance. I
Hello everybody. This past year, since the Parkland shooting had been an emotionally loaded year for everyone in the community.
Hey everyone! This blog is way overdue and I decided to take the time to write it today of all
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