Today's post is about HOPE. For many people, life takes them on such a roller coaster at some point of
I decided to write this blog post because many of my clients suffer from depression, and I know many other
Anxiety can be described in many different ways, depending on the person you speak to. What will most likely stay
The motto I gave to myself while growing up, was to never give up. Thinking back to my youth, I guess
When we are born we have many firsts. What is beautiful about learning to eat, drink, feed, walk, and talk
Few times in my blog I have asked the question "Is there such thing as Perfect?" I truly believe that
Earlier this week a friend of mine played the song "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bob Marley to me. It has
Making the decision to go see a therapist takes a lot of effort/courage for most people.  First, they have to
I had a session today, and we discussed positive thinking and positive affirmations. I realized that in the past few
I think most of us were raised with the "Brother Grimm" and "Disney" fairy tales mindset. Women have to dedicate
As a substance abuse counselor, many times people ask me: "so when do you think my drinking/drug use is defined
I am sorry for the late post, but as you know I had my CAP exam last week and I
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