Chloe Novatka

Chloe Novatka is currently a clinical mental health counseling graduate student at Nova Southeastern University. She is in her final year of studies before obtaining a Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is looking forward to her practicum and internship experience with Helping Moon Counseling. Chloe has a bachelor’s in science in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from Florida Atlantic University. Although seemingly unrelated to the psychology fields, Chloe believes in preventative medicine including exercise, movement, and mindfulness that fall under the umbrellas of her undergraduate studies. She enjoys working on her “mental fitness” through practicing exercise, meditation, and gratitude in her personal life.

She values the developmental perspective theories and believes your past is directly related to your current state. Some of the theories that specifically interest Chloe are the psychosocial development theory and attachment theory. Through examining an individual’s past and present, Chloe aims to help her clients identify their strengths to address their future experiences. Chloe views clients through a holistic lens, examining both internal and external causes of distress. Chloe also has a strong interest in the feminist approach to therapy and is looking to adapt all the above-mentioned theories into her own unique integrative approach with clients to better serve our increasingly culturally diverse society. She believes your thoughts are connected to your feelings and behaviors. Chloe aims to learn as much as she can about her clients to help them achieve their goals the best way possible. Through applying cognitive-behavioral techniques, Chloe wishes to further implement an individual’s strengths into their lives for optimal growth.

Now accepting clients for low cost fee.

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