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  • How to Live a Happier Life?

    I had a session today, and we discussed positive thinking and positive affirmations. I realized that in the past few days I have been somewhat down and bothered. Right away it dawned on me that the reason for that is clear, and that I should have understood it sooner. Due to that reason, I am a bit late again with writing my post. To be honest I was kind of dreading it. I will be bluntly honest and share that my desktop is disconnected due to room renovations and I hate writing long posts on my laptop. The reason my desktop is disconnected is because we decided to renovate our guest bedroom and finally make a room for our 9 month old princess. We worked really hard to prepare the room for the workers and woke up early Saturday to receive them. Unfortunately, they did not show up……what a bummer!!!!
    So why am I telling you all this? Well, I am telling you this because like everything else we experience in life there are many ways to react to what happens to us. How we react to it, will determine how long will this negative energy stick to us. As a believer in the law of attraction, I know that negative talk and negative energy will manifest to negative feeling that can last anywhere from few minutes to few months or even years. It all depends on how we reach to it. Which brings me to the debate of the 1/2 empty, 1/2 full glass.

    I am one of those who used to say it is half full. I have always been an optimistic, and this is the way I like living my life. In recent years, I have heard people say that in reality the glass is completely full, it is just full with two different matters (i.e., liquid and air). I actually like this concept, because it gives us the option to fill up the air, with what we feel that we are missing. Bottom line, each person is going to view it a different way, and as a result will have a different look on life, on the way they treat others and are treated in return. This quick video can show you a short way of discussing it. It all boils down to optimism versus pessimism.

    There has been enough research to show that people who are optimistic live a happier life, and are likely to be more successful than others. You can find a good article about it here. We all have choices to make, in every minute of our lives. One choice we can make is how to live our lives, what perspective to come from. If we chose not to sweat the small stuff, and we find a way to overcome the serious stuff, we will likely be able to conquer anything we will face and succeed.
    Few tips on how to become more optimistic:

    • Get outside of yourself and listen to suggestions
    • Find ways to be productive
    • Practice preventative medicine (exercise, get a massage if you can, etc.)
    • Notice your choices and how they affect you
    • Avoid blaming others, and make sure to learn from your decisions
    • Practice positive talk (“I hope it will be sunny tomorrow.” versus “I hope it doesn’t rain.”
    • Set goals for your life and make sure to visualize them happening
    • SMILE!!! You can make your or someone else’s day better just by smiling
    • Seek help, if you do not think you can do it alone
    The healthiest people learn to challenge negative thoughts and replace them with more helpful, optimist thoughts! We are all raised in different environment and many times are affected by our surroundings to the negative. Help yourself by challenging those thought that do not help you move forward in life, or the people who hold you back. If you need help and guidance with the process, please contact me here.