About Kenya Nicole Horne

Kenya Nicole Horne

Kenya Horne is a graduate of Walden University, where she completed her master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. As an undergraduate, Kenya earned her Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management. Kenya always had a focused interest in advocating for others. This led to an opportunity where she began working for Carolina Behavioral Care, where she worked in Medical Records Management. Kenya worked there for twelve years. During this time, Kenya’s interest in counseling expanded; she later was accepted into Walden University’s Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s Program. After completing the program, she became a Student Intern at Helping Moon Counseling.

Kenya is a registered mental health counseling intern at Helping Moon Counseling. Kenya enjoys working with Teens, Adults, and Couples. Kenya’s focus is a humanistic/client-centered approach. Kenya promotes an empathetic and non-judgmental safe space for her clients. She aids her clients in exploring their curiosity, intuition, creativity, and humility, which allows the client to discover they already possess the tools they need to flourish. Another approach that Kenya uses is a cognitive behavioral approach. Kenya uses this approach to aid her clients in identifying maladaptive beliefs and ways of thinking. This challenges the client to develop realistic and positive ways of thinking. Kenya would like to expand her professional development by becoming certified in EMDR and rapid resolution therapy.

Kenya has always been passionate about helping and assisting others. Kenya has expressed, “that it is amazing to watch as a client learns a new skill.” Kenya has voiced, “it is wonderful to observe the beauty of change unfold as clients come to new realizations that they were not aware of previously.” Kenya looks forward to challenging and encouraging the client on their therapeutic journey to wellness. Kenya hopes it is a compliment to the greatness that lies within the client.

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