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  • Cristina Mena

    Life transitions can sometimes leave us vulnerable and overwhelmed. This is a normal part of being human, however there are certain times where we need an extra helping hand.

    Having a baby is often seen as a joyous life transition, but the process of pregnancy and the postpartum period is often not what parents expect. The hormone-driven emotions, sleep deprivation, and huge identity and relationship changes can leave new parents feeling like they are navigating without a compass.

    Those precious, fleeting moments of rest may be invaded by common anxious thoughts such as:

    • When will we sleep again?
    • Do we still love each other?
    • Am I connecting with my baby?
    • Will I be able to enjoy sex again after birth?
    • When will I feel like myself again?

    Additionally, past trauma can leave us clinging on to old patterns, and can make it difficult to connect with others as well as with a new child. Bringing up these traumas can be scary, but there are many evidence-based techniques that can help prepare you for processing the past in a safer manner, and can help you be more present in the here and now.

    As a therapist with a focus on trauma and perinatal mental health, my role is to nurture, guide, educate, and challenge you to make appropriate changes towards balanced mental health. I aim to provide you with the resources and education to better understand what is happening internally, and then be able to guide you towards healthier decisions.

    Here are a few more things to know about me:

    Who Am I When I Am Not In Session?

    I am a regular person who strives to live a peaceful and authentic life. I love the therapeutic effects of gardening, outdoor activities with my kids, salsa dancing, and connecting with other authentic people. Oh, and I am a sucker for Indian and Peruvian cuisine!

    Favorite Quotes

    The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change. – Carl Rogers

    Knowledge is power!

    Pick your battles wisely.

    Languages Spoken:

    English and Spanish

    Past Experience:

    I have extensive experience working for contracted agencies that collaborate with the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and with the tri-county court system. Because of these complex cases, I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of trauma issues, as well as more elusive issues such as personality disorders in the family system.

    Management of the symptoms that arise from such issues requires a therapeutic style that is nurturing, direct, consistent, and is firm with boundaries in order to create a safe space in session. This style has carried over from my time providing court-ordered therapy to private practice.

    If this is the type of therapist you need, then you are looking in the right place!


    EMDR, TF-CBT, PSI Perinatal Mental Health, Gottman Couples’ Therapy