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  • Cynthia Andrews

    As an advocate for wellness for all, my moto is “bring the body and the mind will follow”. If we can just show up for ourselves, we can heal. I believe in an integrated, wholistic approach to treatment for everyone, regardless of circumstances or diagnosis, everyone deserves to live a better life through therapeutic healing.

    My journey to becoming a therapist began after having a successful career as a hair and make up artist in the fashion industry in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. I wanted to bring those experiences of my own healing to those seeking help, so I embarked on the road to obtaining the education and training necessary to provide the best treatment possible. My education combined with lived experience gives me unique insight and the wisdom and compassion necessary to create a safe therapeutic bond with my clients.

    I have experience with the foster care system and at risk youth as a Guardian ad Litem helping children navigate their living situation, mental health, family dynamics and legal issues.

    As a mother of an autistic child, I have advocated for and educated my own son as well as working with other children on the spectrum.

    I have experience working with clients suffering from substance abuse. I have learned and applied empirically proven techniques for optimum outcomes with addiction healing. I also believe in treating the whole family and providing resources and case management for the family.

    I look forward, hopefully, to working with you on any goals you may have for yourself in the near future.