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  • Daphne Blodgett-Karoh

    Daphne Blodgett-Karoh is a clinical mental health counseling graduate student in her final year at the graduate program at Nova Southeastern University. Daphne has a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in music performance with an emphasis on opera singing from Prayner Conservatory in Vienna, Austria. Daphne has experience with clients in individual counseling and groups and has worked with different age groups from teenagers to seniors. She is Bilingual and offers therapy in English and German. Having lived in different parts of Europe and the U.S. she has learned to be appreciative of different cultures and it has widened her horizons and perspectives.

    Daphne practices a wide array of therapies such as evidence based methodologies like cognitive behavioral therapy, the humanistic and client-centered approach, and she also implements techniques from solution focused therapy and motivational interviewing — to name a few. Growing up in Vienna, Austria Daphne has a deep familiarity with the influence of psychological approaches of Adler’s individual psychology; Freud’s psychoanalytic approach, and Franklin’s existentialism. Daphne strives to collaborate with clients to understand their dreams and goals, so that they may be empowered and develop mutually strategies to get there. She believes in empowering clients through the lens of a client-centered approach. She believes in the client’s power and ability to improve and implement changes. As a professional helper she is there to assist clients but also believes that the client’s are the experts of their own lives. She is passionate about helping clients to find their inner voice and listen to that voice of your intuition. Daphne believes in a balance of environmental and internal factors. She believes that sometimes it may seem difficult to even know where to begin and that sometimes it can feel like the world and the environment can be a truly dark place. She understands that some of life’s difficulties can stem from past experiences and traumatic experiences which need to heal. And which may overlap or intervene the current road to recovery, happiness and success in life. She assists clients to get unstuck, overcome living with life’s obstacles and challenges, and to be able to develop distress tolerance and build a healthy relationship with oneself. Daphne seeks to facilitate a safe space with a warm climate that is non-judgemental, accepting and understanding. She makes it a priority to listen to the needs of the client, and to help be their best possible self and to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

    Daphne wishes to help those with the following matters, as well as others: Anxiety, career changes, depression (mood disorders), eating disorders, everyday issues, health, life challenges and transitions, obsessive-compulsive disorders, non-substance and substance use disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, people of the lgtbq+ population, self-care, spirituality, religion, wellness and women’s issues.

    Her favorite quote is: “You are what you repeatedly do.” This quote is of an unknown origin; however it goes hand-in-hand with the teachings of Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher. She believes that we can live good lives through right action and developing the skills and habits to feel good about life.

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