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  • Deanna Ruocco

    Being comfortable and able to express your authentic self is imperative when choosing the right therapist. It can take several acts of engagement and trials, to be able to feel that rapport. I knew firsthand when I began my own personal journey with therapy. I am happy I felt that sense of comfort and connection with that specific therapist. I hope I can be that person who can create that safe space for you, guiding you towards healing, and consciously creating a new version of yourself.

    My name is Deanna Ruocco and I have a Master’s in Social Work and a Health Coaching certification. I am currently a registered social worker intern, working on licensure. I was licensed as an LSW in PA, before moving to FL. I was born in Brooklyn, New York to a loving Italian/ American family. I grew up in northern New Jersey and prospered in education and athletics. My second-generation grandparents on both sides of the family came over from Italy to pursue the American dream. From a young age, I was taught the importance of hard work. I always had an ability to connect with others and empathize with them. I was the friend who always wanted to help others laugh and feel empowered. The friend who was always there to listen when no one else was there. When it came time to go to college, I originally wanted to be a teacher and was led into the path of social work.

    I have dedicated over 14 years of diverse experience counseling people of all ages, and backgrounds. The experiences have ranged from child welfare, adolescents, adults with severe developmental disabilities, couples, and individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders. My passion for working in the addiction field was inspired by the loss of several loved ones who passed away to the horrific disease.

    My overall passion is purpose driven to help the individual increase their self-esteem, empowerment, and motivation to change. While working with the client, I incorporate a holistic approach, specializing in the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit. By connecting individuals to their inner power and guiding them to identify and overcome the barriers, blocks, and or cognitive distortions, I believe that they can ultimately achieve optimal mental health. It’s with this journey of therapy, I hope to help the client break down the walls which continue to limit their outstanding potential for greatness.

    I believe in the power of movement as a healthy approach for the mind, body, and overall spirit. I believe Yoga and deep breathing approaches are excellent forms of stress reduction techniques and can help soothe the nervous system. Self- care is one of the best forms of obtaining a love self. I love the outdoors, enjoying time with my boys, and cooking.

    One of my favorite quotes is: “Simply have a mind that is open to everything but attached to nothing. Let it all come and go as it will. Enjoy it all, but never make your happiness or success dependent on an attachment to anything, any place, and particularly, any person. In all your relationships, if you can love someone enough to allow them to be exactly what they choose to be—without any expectations or attachments from you—you’ll know true peace in your lifetime. True love means you love a person for what they are, not for what you think they should be. This is an open mind—and an absence of attachment.”

    Now accepting clients with Aetna, Cigna, Cigna EAP, Medicaid (Sunshine Health, Aetna Better HEalth, Simply Health, Humana Medicaid and Prestige/ Amerihealth), EAP Health Advocates, BCBS, self pay and sliding scale.