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  • Stefanie Stauber

    Do you feel stuck in persistent and painful feelings of shame, guilt, regret, sadness, hurt, anger, or resentment? Or perhaps you feel paralyzed by fear and anxiety and worry constantly about the future. Are you having trouble changing destructive behaviors? You are not alone. Many people struggle with these experiences, and often feel hopeless and trapped in these patterns, without understanding why they occur or how to change them.

    My name is Stefanie Stauber. I was born in Switzerland, raised in Venezuela, and moved to Florida with my family in 1991. I speak Italian, Swiss-German, and Spanish fluently and offer counseling services in both English and Spanish. Growing up in different cultures at a young age has shaped my ability to understand individuals with genuine curiosity, empathy, non judgment, and an open mind, and to help others feel heard and understood. I have worked with many clients struggling with unresolved grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, self-worth, emotion dysregulation, relationship problems and addiction. My passion is helping people grow, heal, and gain the necessary insight and skills to help improve their lives and well-being.

    I earned my M.S. in Counseling from Nova Southeastern University and am a licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. I utilize various evidence-based modalities in my work, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. My goal as a clinician is to help you identify, understand, and heal wounds that may be contributing to painful and destructive patterns in thinking, feeling, and behaving. My passion is to help you understand why you may be suffering and guide you in breaking free from damaging and recurring patterns that are holding you back from experiencing peace and joy in your life. I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing team at Helping Moon Counseling and look forward to working with you!

    Now accepting clients with Aetna, Aetna EAP, Cigna, Cigna EAP, Medicaid (Sunshine Health, Simply Health, Humana Medicaid and Prestige/ Amerihealth), self pay, sliding scale and WellSpring EAP.