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  • Staying Hopeful when Things Don’t Go As Planned

    Today’s post is about HOPE. For many people, life takes them on such a roller coaster at some point of their lives that it is very hard to stay hopeful. Working in the substance abuse industry for the past several years gave me a glance into how many things can go wrong after you think it can not get any worst than your situation, on one given moment. 
    What is really important to remember is that almost ALL of us have times in our lives where everything seems to go against us and that everything we do we fail. When you feel like this, just remember you are not alone.

    Addiction is a disease that affects not only the person themselves, but also everyone around them. It affects your relationships, your health, your income, and basically every aspect of your life. Many times, relapse is also part of the recovery process, and it is not easy to life yourself back up and try the road to sobriety again. Many times, when we are ready to give up is actually the time we should probably push a little harder and we will likely make it. Hope gives us that strength that we need to push a little stronger, a little longer, a little harder. When we become hopeless we become helpless. Working in this industry taught me a lot about hope. I saw people blossom and change drastically when they let themselves believe they can make it and change their lives around. IT IS POSSIBLE!!! YOU CAN MAKE IT TOO!!! 

    Installing hope can start with the simple task of finding people around you that can inspire you, and live a healthy balanced life. Surrounding yourself with positive, like minded people is a good start to changing your life for the better. Going to an inspiring AA/NA meeting, and teaming up with a group of people who know how to have fun in sobriety. You need to find something you enjoy doing and make it part of your life, set a goal to yourself and start working toward your goal. Once you start meeting your goals, right away your life seem much better. Find music that make you happy, a show that makes you laugh or people that get you motivated. Going to counseling can also help. Sitting with someone who is objective and can talk to you about your struggles can mostly get you out of your head and help you move forward. Read a self-help book, and practice yoga or meditation can work miracles as well. Most important is, when you feel like you are losing hope – make sure to find something or someone who can life you back up before it is too late. 

    We all suffer at some point of life, but it makes us who we are and help us move forward better and stronger! For more information about how I can help click here