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  • ADHD Counseling

    Finding balance in life, when you ADHD can become challenging. Through different modalities, you can learn tools to create the balance you need. Counseling could help you succeed as a partner, employee, friends, and more. It can help get you the peace of mind; you may have been looking for. Some of the things we can help with are mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, learning stress management tools, improving sleep routines, and more. If necessary, I can also refer you to a psychiatrist for medication management. With personal experience in this issue, I understand dhow ADHD can affect your life, relationship and work experience, and the frustrations associated to it better.

    I can offer collaboration with coaches, nutritionists, organizers and other practitioners who specialize in the management of adult ADHD and adolescent ADHD.

    For children with ADHD, impulsive behaviors can create conflict in the home and school environments. By utilizing Behavior Therapy, Elizabeth can assist in teaching your child skills that will assist with increasing their ability to regulate their own actions while building more positive relationships with adults in their lives.

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