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  • Benefits of Living a Life of Gratitude

    Hello my followers. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and overall a good weekend. During this time of year a lot of people take the time to mention how grateful they are for the things they have in their life. This months I’ve been part of an online 30 day gratitude challenge, and I have to say it’s been a real pleasure. I practice gratitude most days and I love paying attention to the beautiful people/things/ moments/etc. I have in my life. This sense of bliss is heartwarming and empowering. Life can get so hectic and overwhelming that it is our responsibility to take the time, breathe, and be in the moment to appreciate what we have instead of focusing our attention on what we don’t have.

     About a year and a half I wrote a blog about the out of gratitude and when I research the topic online I found out that there is a lot of empirical data to support the fact that people who practice gratitude have a more fulfilling and happier life.  Based on an article I read on psychology today by Amy Morin for 710 typically proven benefits. Those are gratitude opens the door tomorrow relationships, credit improves physical health, private improve psychological health, got it enhances empathy and reduce his aggression, grateful people sleep better, but it improves self-esteem, and got it was increases mental strength.  She also published a great book about 13 things people who are mentally strong don’t do (watch here).

    What I’m trying to say is that even so I think Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to show your appreciation to the universe or your God that you’re grateful for what you have. The best thing would be to learn to express gratitude on a daily basis as part of your daily routine. I’ve noticed that on days I forget to express my gratitude when I start my day – my day just doesn’t go as well as when I practice gratitude in the morning. When we take the time to be in the moment and express our gratitude we will likely start our day in a more positive attitude and will tend to spread that energy to people around us. Dr. Murray speaks bout the power of gratitude on living a long healthier, happier life (watch here). He speaks about how important it is to live in grace and learn to just thank people around you in any opportunity you have (personal, professional, etc.).

    I am thankful to be able to work in a job that I enjoy doing, I am blessed to have the family I built and the career I dreamed of. I also feel blessed to have a group of people who actually read what I have to say (and are hopefully benefiting from reading it). If I can help you or someone you care for please do not hesitate to look me up. Have a blessed day and Happy Holidays!