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  • Dealing With Difficult News

    Last week my husband god some bad news. His mother was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has to undergo surgery next week. We were strikes with this news out of the blew, because she is really healthy and all she went to the doctor for was a bad cough that would not go away. Moreover, she lives in Israel and I am 8 months pregnant so going there to support her is not an option unfortunately. My husband and her are both devastated. It really made me think about how we all get bad news at some points of life and how important it is to have god coping skills to deal with them as they come. 

    What I found myself doing with my mother In-Law was running through all the bad scenarios of other people and how less fortunate they are for not having a solution/treatment for their condition.This kind of helped her feel better. I also told her that should be happy because the doctor told her it looks like after the surgery she will most likely have nothing to worry about. However, she was anguished by the fact that she has to wait 10 days until the actual surgery date. She was very anxious about the wait. Anxiety is fear about think that did not happen yet. The best thing we can do to deal with it is to stay in the present moment and do something relaxing like deep breathing, meditation, listen to music or even eat something we just love. We need to relax our minds, and stay in the NOW. Thinking about what might happen can do no good during tough times. 
    This really made me want to create some kid of a guiding tool to help others deal with bad news they get. I also ran into a great other blog that spoke about the topic here. What it boils down to actually relates to what I have been talking about in most of my blogs. POSITIVE THINKING is a key. If we think about all the bad news we could still get, and what could possibly go wrong, we are attracting negative energy and causing ourselves anxiety over something that is not even happening yet. However, if we stay focused on the here and now and all the positive things we still have around us it will give us hope, and possibly some peace of mind. After all, we decide how we feel and we can chose to not let the negative thought come into our conscious mind. 
    If you need help with developing coping mechanism, or learning how to live in the now, I am here to help.