EMDR Consultation

Hello and thank you for considering me to be your consultant for the EMDR certification process. I decided to get trained in EMDR because I heard about it and thought it must be too good to be true. It turns out that I was wrong. EMDR has been my passion since I got trained because I understood how the process of EMDR can be life-changing and instrumental for having a trait change versus a state change. To me, EMDR is my preferred modality because I see it as the most efficient and effective treatment approach with most of my clients.

When completing the EMDR training process, I remember feeling somewhat overwhelmed and lost, asking myself “am I doing this right?” That is when I decided to reach out to my trainer for consultation and my consultation journey began. For me, it was a fluid process of learning how to become a better practitioner through working with complex cases. I did not plan to become a facilitator with the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP); it truly just happened. When the MSD High School shooting occurred in February 2018, I joined the Trauma Recovery Network Chapter because it was my way to heal with the global healing of our community.

I feel so fortunate to be part of the EMDR community. HAP offers a circle of support that as a private practitioner, you likely won’t have. Being able to help shape and guide the next generation of EMDR practitioners excites and motivates me. I truly believe all EMDR practitioners should go through the process of certification because that is what makes them more confident and successful with the process. I believe it is important to use this process as an opportunity of growth as a practitioner.

As your consultant, I am here to give you the confidence in your abilities through this journey. I will guide you in the right direction if necessary and give you feedback if you are missing anything. You will learn and have the space to ask questions. I am here to listen, process, advise, and support you every step of the way. I think it is important to reflect back on what we did in sessions and how it affected our clients.

Group EMDR Consultation for Certification

My group consultation meets the second Friday of the month virtually from 2-4 pm eastern time. The group is partially case discussion and partially didactic. The first hour, one team member will present a case and we will go over any questions and observations. The second part of the group is a lecture followed by an email with resources associated with the content. A few examples of topics we cover are: ego state therapy, dissociation assessments, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), The DeTour Protocol, Early EMDR Interventions (EEI), advanced resourcing skills and more.

In my opinion, becoming certified should be mandatory, but as a fluid process of professional growth and fun on the way to becoming the best EMDR practitioner you can be. Please contact me for further details and fees.



"Having Luna as my consultant has been pivotal in my professional development. Not only has she been the catalyst and inspiration to begin my process in becoming a trained EMDR therapist, but she also mentored me through the certification process. She has always been generous with her knowledge and expertise, which has translated into providing quality care to my clients. She provides multiple resources and opportunities to enhance our skills through trainings, peer and group consultation that she organizes and facilitates which has allowed us to connect with other therapists to collectively learn and grow."
Catalina Fortich, LMFT

"Luna is wonderful consultant and mentor. She is a wealth of information that she willingly shares. She is supportive, patient, and caring in her role but challenges you to push yourself to learn and grow as an EMDR clinician. I highly recommend Luna as a consultant."
Celestine Quiroga, LMHC
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