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  • Going Back to Routine

    I have been gone for few weeks….I had baby boy on 9/22/16 and it has been a little difficult to get myself back to writing and posting on social media. Having a baby is a beautiful, kind of a magical experience, but in all reality it is also exhausting and difficult, especially if you have an 18 month old at home already, and family visiting from oversees 😉 As much as I planned to write my blog, and truly had every intention possible to do it, the lack of sleep and crazy new reality made it kind of difficult for me to follow through. 

    How do we get back to routine after a new addition to our family, a move, new school? a new job? or even coming back home/ going back to work after a long vacation? How do we adjust to a new reality, when we are overwhelmed with new emotions, duties, responsibilities and everything that comes with it? Let’s face it, every new beginning is somewhat difficult, and brings on an adjustment period. Some of us do really well with changes, and some of us get overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed out. What it boils down to, in my opinion, is our approach toward the change that will determine how will we feel about it. As you probably know, if you have been reading my blog, I am a firm believer in positive thinking and The Law of Attraction. As one, I see all new beginnings as something exciting and intriguing. 


    Let me make it clear, it does not mean that i do not get scared, or a little anxious due to it, but I just try to approach the situation with excitement and positivity versus anxiety and stress. It is important to start slowly and gradually so you do not get too overwhelmed. That is why I began by just positing to Instagram first and then went back on Facebook. Actually the blog took me the longest because it is the most time consuming. I read this great post about the topic here. Another great post specifically for mothers going back into a routine I read here. As long as you break your task into smaller tasks and divide the work you should do well. Going into it telling yourself you can handle it will also be helpful. 


    What I came to realize, while writing this post, is that my blogs focus a lot on how to deal/approach situations in life and what can be helpful when thinking about  dealing with life’s events and stressors. I try to help others see what I see, even when I struggle with new situations that come my way. As we all deal with difficulties at every step of the way. Initially, I had no idea how will I go back to routine. Now, as my baby is celebrating one month I am already back to work and finally writing my first blog (post baby boy). I am here to help with any issues you have and ease up your stress or anxiety. You can find me on Facebook or here