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  • Is There an Ideal Age for Couples to Attend Couples Therapy?

    Lots of couples have questions about therapy for their relationship. They may wonder if they should only go if they’re facing a crisis in the relationship, or if going to therapy indicates  that their relationship is in deep trouble.

    Some younger couples may be curious whether they should wait until a certain age before pursuing couples’ therapy.

    There is no defined age for couples to attend therapy.. However, many couples who choose to seek therapy are going through periods of significant change in their lives. These periods of change  can happen at any age. Here are a few typical times when couples often consider attending therapy during the course of their relationship.

    Before Getting Engaged

    Are you and your partner thinking about getting engaged? Maybe you’re both in college, and you’re eager to get married after you graduate. Perhaps you’ve been living together for a few years now, and you’re ready to commit to each other forever. Maybe this is a second marriage for you, and there are children and ex-partners that come as part of the package.

    No matter how old you are, or what your situation is, any couple with marriage in mind could benefit from talking to a couples’ counselor. Even if you have been together for years, getting engaged can change your relationship in the eyes of your family and friends. You’ll need to be prepared to deal with new dynamics.

    During Your Engagement

    Whether you’re planning a big wedding, or you’re hoping to elope with your partner, practically everyone in your life will share their opinions on your engagement and wedding plans. Dealing with the stress of wedding planning, even for a small event, can also pose challenges for you and your partner.

    Working with a therapist during your engagement can help both of you hone in on what is most important to you as a couple. That way, you can focus on your priorities and let the rest fade into the background.

    After Getting Married

    After the big day, you and your new spouse are settling into your life together. What if one or both of you are struggling with this major change? Couples therapy can help you work it out. You do not have to wait until you’re dealing with a crisis  in your marriage to call a therapist. Minor miscommunications and adjustments can be worked on before they become a bigger issue.

    Working with a couples’ therapist while you’re both in a good place can actually help you develop coping strategies you can use during troubled times.

    Having a Baby

    Maybe you and your partner have wanted to be parents for as long as you can remember. Yet the reality of having a baby might be very different from what you imagined! Bringing new life into this world and raising a child is one of the hardest things that most people will do. It is beautiful, and also demanding on a couple, and it is common to experience some sense of grief about the life you used to have as a couple.

    That’s why this is a crucial time to seek outside support if you need it. Your therapist can help you communicate in a healthy way, split responsibilities in a way that works for you, and embrace the changes in your relationship with each other.

    Suffering a Loss

    At some point in your relationship,  you and your partner will both lose people whom you love. Your partner may need help learning to support you in the way you need. You may end up in a similar position down the road. We all grieve differently, and the disconnect can widen here if we perceive that our partner is not supportive in the way we would like.

    Helping the person you love most navigate a devastating loss is not an easy task. Seeing them in the throes of grief can make it difficult to know what to do.  A couples’ therapist can give you both the tools you need to make it through this dark time. A loss can happen at any age, and a couples therapist can be there for you.

    Are you and your partner struggling with a turning point in your relationship? Therapy can help. Reach out to us today to start discussing your options for scheduling your first session.