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  • Never Give Up – Life is Full of Challenges

    The motto I gave to myself while growing up, was to never give up. Thinking back to my youth, I guess I was pretty resilient if I told myself that – no braggin ;). I was going through a lot for a 16 years old. Running away from home from an abusive father, living with my older brother. I fought the system to legally leave my parents home, and I won. I divorced them by age 17. I was so proud of myself!! I will be forever grateful to the social worker and the teacher I had, who helped me with the battle. It is actually the main reason I wanted to become a therapist, to help others the way I was helped. All those battles I had to face made me the person I am today. Back then, I knew that I have to embrace and fight with all that I have to get to where I want and make something out of my life. 

    I believe that one of the toughest things we have to deal with in life is to lift ourselves up after a difficult even or unsuccessful attempt. When we fail, we may feel an arey of feelings such as disappointment, sadness, defeat, frustration, or anger. Those emotions are likely to cause some despair, if we don’t have the right kind of support or personal coping skills. It is very easy to give up, and think that we are just not going to make it. Many times our surrounding, and society will make us feel helpless and support our disbelief in ourselves more than try to lift us up. The other day I read this article that helped me remember how for many people it wasn’t easy, but they have reached far in their lives. You can read about it here

    If we look at every obstacle in our life as an opportunity for growth it would make us much stronger and resilient. Many times, it is the attitude we have when facing an obstacle that make us unsuccessful. It goes back to some of the things I mentioned in previous posts related to positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction. If we stay focused, believe in ourselves, and work hard to overcome whatever we are facing there is a greater chance we will conquer our task. I found this inspirational website about few tips for overcoming obstacles here. I also really liked the way this article viewed obstacles. They basically said that we have to love obstacles. When I initially saw it I thought, well that is an overstatement. After reading it, I actually agree. I truly believe that the majority of my strengths came from facing obstacles in my life. If you feel that you need help with facing any obstacle in your life, and learn how to approach it as an opportunity please contact me. I would be more than happy to work with you on finding your inner strengths and positive coping skills.