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  • New Beginnings!!

    I thought to myself that if I am starting my own private practice I should also start writing a blog. As I was looking into how to start one, I had a flashback of a memory and I discovered I already started one years ago and just did not follow through with it. You can find it HEREThe amazing thing was that the name of the Blog I created years ago actually fits perfectly with what I do today. Part of my website bio talks about the important relationship between the mind, the body, and the soul in order to improve a lifestyle. 

    Five years passed since I wrote the last post, and a lot changed in my life. I am now a wife,a mother to a beautiful 8 month old baby, and an owner to my own private practice for counseling. Everything I have ever dreamed about has come to life, and I could not be happier!!! I am definitely sleep deprived, and very busy every minute of every day, but I feel so grateful and blessed that I do not date to complain. Once you have a child you truly understand the meaning of unconditional love. I am feeling energized and full of hopes and dreams, despite the lack of sleep and the many more responsibilities that piled up in my life.

    With the new year approaching us it really made me think about how we, as humans approach new beginnings. I think that we all share some of the fears of new begining. I found this cool list of quotes to help people facing a new beginning. You can find it HERE

    I feel that opening my private practice had a lot to do with some of the fears related to being a new parent. “Will it/she be successful?”, “Is it going to be hard?”, “What is the best way to help them/it grow?” These thoughts occupied my mind for a little while, until I decided to embrace these new changes in my life with open arms and my new motto became every obstacle is actually an opportunity for growth. 
    I hope 2016 will be as exciting, difficult, and fun, as 2015!!! Happy Holidays to all!
    If you pr someone you know is dealing with a new situation and need assistance please look up my website HERE and do not hesitate to call or email about any issues.