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  • Pregnancy and Your Relationship

    If you Have been reading my blog you probably know that I am toward the end of my pregnancy. This is my 2nd child (I have a 16 month old baby girl) in less than 2 years. This pregnancy had been much harder than the first, especially with having to carry my daughter around. Being pregnant added lot of excitement and joy into our lives. It also added many challenges to our daily routine, and even more to the relationship with my husband. This week blog post is dedicated to discussing the difficulties in relationship, when bringing a baby to your life. 

    Having a baby is a very exciting time in life. For the female, it is a constant changing experience, physically and emotionally. It is exciting and mind blowing to know there is a human being growing inside of you. For the man, many times it is a stressful time thinking about financials and having to split their wife’s attention with someone else. Therefore, this also becomes a stressful time for both partners. Some call this time the pre-baby blues.  The hormones start going crazy in the second trimester of the pregnancy, and as a result I think it’s fair to say that you also lose some of your identity and become crazy and out of control at times. I found this cute article discussing “20 reasons pregnancy hormones are crazy” here.   It is really important to find the way to nurture your relationship with your partner because some research suggests that pregnancy can cause a tear in relationship and even lead to divorce. Dr. Ling says: 

    “What I tell patients ahead of time is, ‘Look, you’re not going to feel the same during pregnancy as you did before, so you and your spouse have to recognize that how you respond to a circumstance when you’re pregnant may be different from how you responded before'” (read more here).

    It is highly important factor to consider for partners in the relationship to prevent issues to become even more difficult. To help maintain the relationship in good standards here are few tips. Keep going out on date nights during and after pregnancy. Make sure to communicate your emotions to your partner and share your plans, fears and excitements about the upcoming change. If you both understand before hand that you might not be on the same page about everything this could help navigate the change and compromise. If you nurture your intimacy and attempt to keep a sex life alive it can assist as well. Make sure your partner is not feeling left out and your intimacy can actually intensify. After all, you are raising their off-spring inside of you and that is a beautiful reality.

    I hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me here