I've had the pleasure to know Luna professionally. I am very cautious when referring out clients to other professionals because that's my reputation as well. That being said I have referred Luna many personal friends and I've never heard an ill word.
Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley
I think Luna has a great personality that makes people around her comfortable. This is very important in a therapeutic environment. I admire her! She is very helpful towards other professionals as well �
Angel Raynor
Luna is a kind hearted person and a therapist who keeps it real and honest. She is truly there for her clients and their well being. Easy to talk to and comfortable to be around the minute you meet her, I value her as a friend as well as a colleague.
Stacy Friedman
Luna is an amazing therapist and a consummate professional. She is helpful and always has an open ear. She is definitely someone to see if you are looking for an amazing therapist.
Ilene Glance
I would highly recommend Luna to anyone looking for a great therapist. She is highly skilled in her profession and genuinely cares about her clients! I would trust her to help those closest to me!
Jill Kotkin Bershad
I have done a lot of work with Luna over the last year or so, the love and compassion she puts into her work is nothing shy of amazing! After struggling with years of drug addiction and serving several years in jail and prisons throughout my life, when Luna met me I was a real mess. I had given up faith in humanity and myself. This woman has helped me work my way thru some very deep issues and holds a huge hand in my restored sanity! Unfortunately it has been some time since seeing her but this woman is sure to follow up and just check on me and say hey! You really don't find quality relationships like this with many therapists. I can honestly say that I was not getting a fraction of this work done with any other therapist I have ever worked with, She's life changing! I would give her 10 stars if I could. Much love and thanks to you ����
Wyatt K
I had worked with Luna as my therapist for 6 months before leaving Florida, and I have to say she is most dedicated to her clients like I've never seen I was never one to talk about my problems or what was on my mind I would always try to just pass our sessions wit nonsense but she always saw right through it she never forced me to speak unless I was comfortable and for that I was able to let her in, the compassion she has for what she does is amazing cause she genuinely cares it's not about the money all she wants is the best for those she works with she has definitely gone above and beyond for me and most definitely was a huge part in my recovery and I'm more that grateful that she was brought in my life thank you for everything Luna �
Crystal D
I worked with Luna for a good part of this past year and she helped me in ways that I never thought were possible. She helped me to become aware of people and my surroundings and see my reactions and why things were bothering me so much. I am so grateful for her because she helped me build the strength to become an even stronger woman and break through the barriers I put on myself. Honestly because of her I was able to make some HUGE changes and walk through the fear. Thank you Luna ���
Ashley M
Luna saved my life. When I got to her I was broken, scared, and traumatized. Luna helped me work through all of that and now I am a free woman that is able to function in society today. I wouldn't be where I am at today if it wasn't for Luna's amazing therapeutic skills. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs help!
Sarah P
Where do I begin? I can truly say from my heart that Luna has helped save my life. Being in the state of mind I was in suffering from substance dependency I had absolutely no chance of life. When I met Luna she has helped me see a better way of life to live free and be happy and independent. My journey was not easy , to be honest I did not think I had it in me to remain clean. As time went on working with Luna my mind slowly started to get stronger, my behaviors and emotions started to get more manageable. Honestly, I started to love myself again. Without Luna , I don't know where I would be, grateful does not even start on how blessed I am to have her in my life. She is my angel , and she help me to live again. "
Danielle Umberger, 21
Anyone who struggles with or has a family member that struggles with addiction understands what a deep-rooted problem it can be. Trying to get to the root of the problem and correct these issues is a lifetime challenge. When my son went to a treatment center in Florida, he met Luna Medina, who was his therapist. Her professionalism and support went above and beyond what normal therapists usually provide for their clients. While she always maintains a professional client-patient relationship, she also really gives her whole heart and soul into the recovery and treatment of her patients. Not only is she a gifted listener of problems, but her method of therapy also provides the skills and tools necessary for recovery. In my son’s case, under Luna’s care, he was able to identify and begin to tackle the obstacles of his addiction. Even though he is no longer in her care, he knows he would never have to hesitate to reach out to her to have her support."
Noelle Vanek, MD
My work with Luna laid the foundation for my eventual success in that I came to understand some of the underlying issues that were coming to the surface in ways detrimental to my health. She was patient and kind, but also knew just how to push me in the right direction – even when I resisted. Had I been local to the Fort Lauderdale area, I absolutely would have continued working with Luna, as I grew to truly appreciate and value her input, feedback and direction – especially when I needed help breaking old habits and learning to form new, healthy patterns."
Gregory, A., NY
Luna was a refreshing change from those my son had worked with in the past. She was very compassionate, but was also realistic and matter-of-fact. Her approach was fresh and innovative, not preachy or patronizing, which we had seen plenty of in the past. She did explore the underlying causes of my son's addictive and self-destructive behavior ( and these always exist), and helped him understand these. But while she was caring, understanding, and supportive of his feelings of pain, she did not allow him to hide behind these or use these as an excuse. This is very important, as all addicts play the "blame game" as a way to deflect taking responsibility for their own behavior. We had family counseling, as any addiction becomes a family disease, and all members play a part in the problem. Luna was the most knowledgable and skillful therapist I had ever worked with. She is effective, and again, very understanding and compassionate. She helped me to see my part in my sons disease, and, most importantly, gave me encouragement and hope for the future. Another significant, if not the most significant, difference in Luna's counseling, is the directive nature of her therapy. It is good to listen and let a patient or family member vent their frustrations and feelings, but that is not enough. Addiction is a complicated and frustrating disease. If we all knew how to improve the situation, we would be doing so already. What the addict and family members need is clarification of positive steps and how to accomplish them. Luna was superb in this area, and both my son and we left each session with clear identification of areas to work on and specific direction as to how to implement improvements. This was key to my sons success. My son entered treatment 2 years and 2 months ago. He has been out of any formal treatment and halfway house living arrangements for a year. He has been sober most of that year, with a few "stumbles" during that time. Nothing long term, and I know he will never fall into that lifestyle again. It is remarkable to see the growth and change in him. For the first time since he began drinking, he wants to stay sober, which is something he never wanted to do. He credits Luna as the single therapist who could reach him and show him that this was not only desirable, but achievable. I would highly recommend Luna for therapy for any individual and/or family who is grappling with an addiction, or any other detrimental psychological issue."
MC, Chicago, Illinois
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