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  • The Power of Positive Thinking

    When I was a little girl and I used to hear my father screaming at my mom profanities I always used to listen to loud music on my walkman (makes me sound old…I know!) headphones, dancing in my room and imagining things were different! Little did I know that even then, I was practicing positive thinking. At some point in my journey, when I was about 16 years old, I met a social worker who helped me changed my life and I began the journey of my dreams, toward the life I always dreamed of. She also made me decide that I want to become a helping professional, and help others like she helped me! This is why I became a licensed mental health counselor.
    I can now relate the way I was living my life as a young adult as The Law of Attraction. Some people mistake it for thinking “I will think about $100 bill a lot and it would pop in my hand.” That is one of our biggest mistake! The meaning of it is about how hard will you work to get the $100 and how strongly will you believe you will get it. The hard work is a major component.

    If you research the topic of optimism positive effects on our livelihood, you will find out that by today there is enough scientific research supporting the fact that positive thinking (i.e. optimism) are linked to decreased feeling of loneliness and increased tolerance to pain. Furthermore, optimists will likely be the problem solvers in a situation, and will try to look for how to better a situation. You can read more about it HERE

    If I would count every time someone asked me “what are you smiling about?”, or “why are you smiling so much?”, or even “are you always like this?”, as if it was something bad I think I would get rich. Actually, I feel as if I am rich already because I have everything I ever want in my life. I work in the industry that allows me to help others, I married the best man I could ask for (with ALL his flaws), I have the cutest daughter in the world (she really is!!) and I finally have my own private practice, where I can help others without the boundaries of insurance and higher management that blocks my abilities. To answer the above questions: I am smiling about the fact that I am here to live another day, I am smiling that much because maybe that will help someone else smile at one point of my day, and YES. I am always like this. Well, except those moments that someone makes me angry, and then I am not that pleasant 😉

    The other day, at my nail salon I saw this quote

    and I thought to myself: How appropriate!! I wish everyone would have followed this say. I am sure this world would have been a better place. I know that to some people my optimism and positivity can be somewhat overwhelming. Do not get me wrong, I have bad days, we all do. However, I find my day much better when I stop for a second to eat something sweet, or listen to a fun song when I am down. Let’s face it! Everything in life we experience shall pass at some point. We have the power to decide for how long we are going to let it linger and affect us negatively.
    One place I get my daily dose of positivity is The Daily OM. I strongly suggest that anyone subscribe to their daily email list. 
    More to come about positivity soon, please follow me to learn more about it.
    Also, if you need assistance in becoming more positive please call me (561)571-1557 or check out my website HERE
    Happy Holidays!!!