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  • Therapy is for everyone, but not every therapist is for everyone.

    Making the decision to go see a therapist takes a lot of effort/courage for most people. 
    First, they have to overcome the stereotypes and stigma that surrounds seeing a mental health counselor. “Am I crazy?” Back in the days people used to see a mental health professional only if they had mental health issues that related to being crazy (I.e., schizophrenia, delusional, etc.). 
    People did not realize that having depression, anxiety, and even stress can all be considered a mental health issue. Furthermore, seeing a psychotherapist can help with many more situations then just mental health concerns. It all boils down to feeling good with yourself, and living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, if you want to improve your life and you need some guidance, advise or support you should seek a professional for help. Just like if you had a problem with your skin you would look for a dermatologist, or for heart issues you would look for a radiologist, when you have issues related to your mental state (being angry, sad, stressed, anxious, etc.) you should look for a mental health professional. 
    Let’s face it, don’t we all have some things we would like to improve or change in our lives and wouldn’t mind some help in doing so?? I know I do!! To some respect, the way I see it, we all are a little crazy in the eyes of another since we are all so different and we think about life differently.
    The second part to finding a mental health professional relates to finding the right fit. Since we are all different human beings, we all behave a unique way and would require a different approaches. With internet, there should be a lot of information you can even find out on your own before you speak to the person. Check their website, their facebook page and other social media. Do they represent something you want to have in your life? It is important to ask your potential therapist few type of questions like: what is your approach to counseling? are you direct and straightforward? Ask about how sessions are like, how long? The price? do they offer a sliding scale? You can find some good tips here. To be able to maximize the benefits of therapy you have to find the right fit between yourself and your therapist. It’s important to spend the time to ask the right questions. You can find more samples here.
    You should spend 10-15 minutes over the phone with the professional to get a sense of how comfortable you feel talking to that person. This brings me to the next point. 
    A lot of people struggle with opening up to a complete stranger and telling them their deepest secrets or insecurities. That is completely understandable and expected! Do not think that if you have some reservations about doing it that it is odd in any way. However, look at it from the positive side, which means you will have a complete stranger listen to what’s on your mind and you can get an honest and objective opinion from them in return. Sometimes, that is all we need to help us move toward the right decision or path. 
    Once you pick someone, and you truly gave them a chance (2-3 sessions) make sure to re-evaluate the relationship you created and ensure that you are benefiting from it. You can find few tips here
    With the right research and some effort, you can find the right person for you and you can make the changes you would like in your life!! If you feel like I can help, please contact me here.