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  • What is The Main Difference Between Trying and Failing?

    When we are born we have many firsts. What is beautiful about learning to eat, drink, feed, walk, and talk as a baby is that we do not have the fear of trying. Well, we are not aware yet of fear in general. Why do I say it is beautiful? Because it does not hold us back from trying. I saw this quote today: 
    In life, we have to learn to separate the cases where we try something unhealthy for us over and over again expecting a different result (the definition of insanity) versus when we try to do something to help us move forward in life and we don’t succeed right away. Somehow, we tend to repeat bad choices more often than good ones. The way I like to look at it, is thinking of the road to success of olympic champions. Do you think for a minute that in order to break a world record the person tried doing it just once? or 10 time? or a 100? Most likely, is that they tried is probably million of times, and they worked really hard for it. What makes them different is their determination, hard work, belief in themselves, and dedication to what they love. One of the best motivational speakers in my opinion is Les Brown. He has many videos online you can explore. You can listen to one he is part of here, and here.  
    When thinking about the main difference between trying and failing, I believe it is important to remember one main thing. If we try doing something we want to do, there is a 50/50% chance that we will either succeed or fail. If we do not try at all, we already failed, because the success chance dropped down to zero. Therefore, in order to move forward in life and make it, especially if we are afraid we MUST give it a try. Worst case scenario, we would be back at where we were. Best case scenario, we are in a much better place!!! Isn’t that worth taking the chance???? Last video to inspire you, can be found here
    Keep in mind that if you want something, and you’ll put your mind and hard work to it, there is a high chance that you will get it. We are more capable than we think most of the time. Our doubts and negative thought patterns will hold us back many times. The only time change happens, is when we feel a little uncomfortable and stressed. All in moderation of course. An interesting video about stress and how it can be productive can be seen here. So, if you want something, GO GET IT. Period. Please visit my website if you feel you need some help getting motivated or inspired.