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  • Supervision MH Interns

    Qualified Supervision of Mental Health Counseling Interns

    Supervision is a process of self-discovery that is a wonderful opportunity to have fun doing what you are passionate about and maximize your strengths. The two years of supervision experience is a great time for professional growth that may lead to your personal growth as well. This could be a time to figure out who you are as a clinician, and even what is the niche you would like to focus on, once you are licensed. We will work together to identify and improve your weaknesses, analyze your difficulties and find solutions to them. We will discuss your own biases and process them so ensure they will not conflict with your ability to become an amazing therapist. You will learn and have the space to ask any questions you may have. I am here to listen, process, advice, and support you at every step of the way.

    I am a supervisor that thinks it is very important to reflect back on what we did and how it affected our clients. It is important to know that during supervision we will cover many aspects.  You will learn through various methods.  Your contribution is not only valuable to yourself but valuable to others as well.  Supervision is provided from a collaborative and solution-oriented style.  Supervision will include discussing cases thorough theoretical lenses, exploring experiences related to self-of-the-therapist, identifying and assessing utilization of therapeutic micro skills, reviewing ethical guidelines, engaging in interactive group discussions, and assignments with occasional reading or homework between supervision sessions.  Reciprocal feedback will be invited during each session to ensure the supervisee is getting his or her needs met.  During the course of supervision, video, audio, and transcription may be incorporated to enhance supervisee’s growth.

    Luna Medina-Wolf and Jeanine (Nina) Scott Barela are the two supervisors on the team currently offering supervision, Please contact us for further details and fees.