What is the Power of Gratitude? How It Changes Your Mindset When times are tough, it can be hard to
If you struggle with chronic illness and mental health issues, I am sure you have had several disagreements with family,
Did you know that depression is the second most common condition affecting Americans? The diagnosis of major depressive disorder (MDD)
3 Ways You Can Support Someone After a Loss Someone you know has just suffered a loss. Maybe one of
Are you in the "I recharge by myself" camp? Or in the "being around others gives me energy" camp? If
Maybe one of your friends has recently opened up to you and told you they are transgender or nonbinary. Perhaps
Like all of our emotions, anger has an evolutionary purpose. It's adaptive function is to protect us, or get us
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Maybe you make New Year’s resolutions every year, yet you can’t remember the last time you stuck with them. Every
The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many couples with challenges they never imagined themselves facing. If you feel like the past
People cope with their trauma in different ways. Some people might withdraw from their loved ones out of guilt or
If you have been struggling with your mental health, you might be wondering if therapy is worth it. Maybe you’re
Perhaps you or a loved one has just begun pursuing the addiction recovery process. This is a courageous decision. Choosing
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