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  • Isabella Cabaleiro

    Hello! My name is Isabella Cabaleiro. I am a 2nd year Master’s Student at Nova Southeastern University, and am working towards a Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Florida State University. I decided to pursue a degree in Counseling to fundamentally understand the human condition, and to apply knowledge of treatment modalities and solutions to clients seeking help. Through understanding the psychology of our inner world, I intend to approach problems mainly from a solution-oriented lens. In my coursework, I have learned that it is critical to acknowledge the individual person seeking treatment, and to cater treatment interventions to their personal needs. That being said, I intend to infuse this person-centered spirit into everyday treatment endeavors.

    As a therapist, I want to help you co-create your ideal life. I fully understand how difficult it is to enter therapy – you start by sitting across from a stranger who is “supposed to fix your life”. I myself have had those feelings when sitting in the client chair. I believe that therapy is meant to empower clients with confidence and equip them with the necessary tools to heal and repair wounds. This is a journey we will embark on together. I will help you create goals, strategies, coping mechanisms, and lifestyle changes that are right for you. I can also help you gain a different perspective about an issue that has you feeling “stuck”. As a therapist, I want you to know that you are capable of creating your own joy and sense of peace.

    My personal interests inform who I am as a therapist, and are aspects I incorporate into treatment. These interests include hiking, playing piano and guitar, reading, and writing poetry. I believe physical and mental wellness go hand in hand. To me, lifestyle is a critical part of treatment, and I will help you gauge your current lifestyle and aspects of your lifestyle you wish to improve. Maybe you want to go on more nature walks, or learn that hobby you have always wanted to pursue. Nature and creativity have the capacity to heal, and if you are willing, I can help you discover what captivates you.

    My favorite quote is from Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I want to help you find that sense of “light” in your life that is uniquely yours.

    You deserve to give yourself a chance.