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  • Kiran Singh

    One of my favorite quotes is “Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us.” – David Richo

    Life is full of beauty and joy, but at times, it may be full of struggle. Our struggles in life may make us stronger, could be lessons, or even ones we never asked for. Through it all, learning to acknowledge, overcome, and work past any hardships, allows us to become the best versions of ourselves. Truly, seeking help and guidance can at times be scary or nerve-racking, due to the difficulty of letting another person in, but it can also be a relief, a form of guidance, and aid in this journey, we call life. As a student intern and future counselor, I want to thank you for allowing me and Helping Moon Counseling to be a part of your journey in life.

    My name is Kiran Singh, and I am honored to be a student intern with Helping Moon Counseling. I always knew I wanted to help people, and obtained a bachelor’s in biomedical science, thinking the only way I could help was to become a doctor. That is furthest from the truth! Mental health is one of the most valid and underrecognized forms of treatment available to the world. Upon exploring other avenues, I became fascinated with the mind, and how it works. From there I fell into how personal, biological, and social settings may impact individuals so uniquely. This led me to pursue my master’s in clinical mental health counseling at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Coming to the end of my journey in my master’s program, I am blessed and excited to be able to set out and do what I ultimately wanted to do, which is to help people.

    In society we often time get lost in the world around us and what is next, and we forget about self. I am here to tell you that it is ok to choose you! When you fly on an airplane they walk you through a safety presentation, and in this presentation, one thing that always stuck in my mind was to help yourself, before you help others around you. How can you be of help if you keep pushing your own needs and health to the side? At some point, you will burn out and hurt yourself or others. There will be times when you may be sad, mad, confused, frustrated, and even scared, but please remember that through those times, I will be there with you. On the flip end, there will also be times when you will be excited, encouraged, and lifted, and at these moments, I will also be there with you. True healing starts from within, and being honest about what you may be feeling. I challenge you to dive within and seek what you need to, to be able to heal and live life to the fullest. Truly, thank you again for allowing me to be a part of your journey.


    Master of Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Chicago School of Professional Psychology (Pending)
    Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences, Keiser University