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  • Michell Fenelus, Office Manager

    Office Manager

    Michell Fenelus was born and raise in the beautiful city of Plantation, FL. From a young age, she always excelled in school and task given. She also showed strong leadership skills and a desire to help others. Upon graduating high school in 2010, she ventured into the medical field. After attending school to become a medical assistant she began working in the medical field. Michell worked as a medical assistant at Pediatric Associates for 9 years. She held into different roles and got promoted within the office roles and was highly appreciated by her superiors and colleagues. Michell was team lead, trainer, phone agent and was always able to step in wherever there was a need. She would describe herself as adaptable and teachable. Michell later obtained an Associate’s degree in Healthcare Administration. She is a proud mother of 2 beautiful children: daughter Lillian and son King.